Hi, I’m Andie! I’m A Virtual Assistant.


Andie in Venice

I’m an outside-the-box thinker with an eye for great design and catching spelling errors. I have the vision of an artist mixed with the editing prowess of a grammar teacher.

I partner with clients to enable their success and help them reach the next level

Andie in Florence
Andie and kids

My down-to-earth manner puts clients at ease.  Beneath my relaxed demeanor I’m a visionary who works toward goals with tireless grit.


some of the ways I help my clients…


Your brand is as unique as you. I can help you establish or grow your brand voice.

colored pencil tips touching
pile of colored pencil shavings

graphic design

My background in fine arts comes in handy as I seek to capture the vision of your brand.

copy writing

Want to get social media off your plate? I have the uncanny ability to write in the voice of my clients.

plain pencil touching paper
organized row of colored pencils

admin / travel

Sometimes people say that travel planning is my superpower. Not true, it’s only one of them.

Hear what clients say

Let me know how I can help